Caesar's Ale House & Eatery - Millvale, PA

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Caesar's Ale House & Eatery - Millvale, PA , 623 North Ave, Millvale, PA 15209

Eclectic Acoustics returns to Caesar's Alehouse & Eatery in Millvale, PA for a Friday evening performance.

Eclectic Acoustics plays a wide variety of your favorite acoustic rock songs from the '70s through today. From CCR to Bon Jovi to Pearl Jam to Imagine Dragons, they have something for everyone.

Eclectic Acoustics plays all over the Tri-State area including Casinos, Hotels, Breweries, Wineries, and other high-profile venues. They have also performed at numerous corporate events for Under Armour, Dicks Sporting Goods, Primanti Bros., and Porsche.

Showtime: 8-11 PM

Caesar's Alehouse & Eatery

623 North Ave

Millvale PA 15209

(412) 408-3099